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Standard Lessons...


Working in either a group or private lessons, Dave will help you come together as a team.  Working through the basics and nuance of communication with your dog as well as learning and reading stock will be a part of your growth.


Understanding fields, trial management, etiquette, and how terrain can affect a young dog will be addressed as you progress in skills and requirements.  Every dog and handler is different so we will be sure to provide opportunities for learning specific to what you will need.

Video Lessons...

Structured a bit differently, this will be a 3 - 4 hour lesson held in one morning or afternoon.

~ We'll start with handler and dog working, with        Dave on the camera and keeping quiet.

~ We'll complete an in-depth review and                    discussion of the video and work completed.

~ Back out to the field to work through the same       exercises and activities worked on previously.       This time with coaching and instruction and,          again,being videoed.

~ Lastly, back into video review looking for                improvement and additional areas to continue        working on.

   You will leave with all the video work on a flash       drive

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