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Companion entries:

We are pleased this year to offer companion entries for individuals who are traveling together who would like to combine their dogs onto teams in the draw.  This allows traveling companions to each enter one dog together to comprise a single entry.


Please remember that once entered as a companion entry, that dog cannot be pulled from one companion entry and substituted into another companion entry.  A companion entry can only consist of 2 dogs – 1 dog belonging to each member of the companion team.  If a companion team has 2 dogs each, they can enter 2 teams of 2 dogs (one dog from each for each companion) or as two separate entries of 2 dogs each person.  A single entry of 3 - 4 dogs for a Companion is NOT ALLOWED.  A Companion entry goes into the draw as one draw tag just as the individual entries do.    


To submit your companion entry:

1. Each handler should submit the entry form as usual between 7/15 - 7/19.

2. Please email with notification of your companion entry (one email may be sent, but please cc your companion on the email as well). This email needs to include: 

  1. Name of Companion Handler.

  2. Which dogs are to be paired up for the companion entry in the draw.

  3. This email MUST be received during the entry window of 7/15 - 7/19.



2024 Catbird Farm Open Trial

Thank you for considering our trial!

We will have four Open trials October 11 - 14.  Dogs will run in three of  four trials.   There will be a different course each day with a commercial flock of Targhees.  Same flock as the last 6 years.  They have been fair and fabulous.  They will be run once a day.   


Outruns will be between 300 and 530 yards over interesting and challenging terrain.  Drives will be between 450 and 600 yards.  Lots of bumps, hills, and blind spots. 

There will be a different judge each day.  Two of our judges are Angela Akers and Ron Fischer. 


There is plenty of RV parking on-site.  Handlers are welcome to arrive Wednesday, October 9.

Trial Entry dates are July 15th -19th.  All entries received within those 5 days will have the same priority should a wait list be necessary. 

  • We will have an online entry process.  If you are unable to complete the online form please call for help.

  • The draw will be announced TBD.

  • Withdraw date for a full refund of entry fees is TBD.

  • You will NOT make payment in the entry process!

  • We will explain the payment process in an email when we announce the draw.


Entry Fees are TBD.

If you have any challenges with anything please call Julie.  360.941.1613

Thank you for entering our trial - entries for the 2023 Open Catbird SDT are now closed!



One of the possible courses for the trial.  This is Jenny and Grit.

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