One of the possible courses for the trial.  This is Jenny and Grit.

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2022 Catbird Farm Open Trial

Thank you for considering our trial!

We will have four Open trials and a Double Lift Championship October 13 - 17.  Dogs will run in three  of the four qualifying trials.   There will be a different course each day with a commercial flock of Targhees.  Same flock as the last 4 years.  They have been fair and fabulous.  They will be run once a day. 

Outruns will be between 300 and 530 yards over interesting and challenging terrain.  Drives will be between 450 and 600 yards.  Lots of bumps, hills, and blind spots. 

Qualifying for the Double Lift:  The top three runs from each of the daily trials.  12 dogs

      (we will drop down to the next dog if a dog in the top three has already qualified)


The winner of the Double Lift will automatically qualify for the Soldier Hollow Classic.

The judge will be a selected handler from the competitors on their off day.


There is plenty of RV parking on-site.  Handlers are welcome to arrive Wednesday, October 11th.

Trial Entry dates are August 15th -19th.  All entries received within those 5 days will have the same priority should a wait list be necessary. 

  • We will have an online entry process.  If you are unable to complete the online form please call for help.

  • The draw will be announced September 1st.

  • Withdraw date for a full refund of entry fees is September 15th.

  • You will NOT make payment in the entry process!

  • We will explain the payment process in an email when we announce the draw. 

If you have any challenges with anything please call Julie.  360.941.1613

(if you call me we'll both get in trouble!)