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Although focused on Border Collies, Dave also works with most herding breeds.  Current students include an Old English Sheepdog, Bouvier, Australian Cattle Dogs, Malinois, Corgis, and Standard Collie. Also having worked previously with Shelties, and Australian Shepherds.

Good work is good work.  Regardless of the breed or activity... whether it be USBCHA, ASCA, AHBA, AKC, or minding the farm.  We try to look inside our dog to see how much instinct is there and draw out all we can.  We want to help a dog develop into a thinking partner that understands the job and enjoys the work. 


Where the instinct ends obedience and biddability begin.  If we can nurture this partnership and help our dog be the best he can be... an opportunity for learning and a whole lot of fun presents itself.  We will look for that balance with you and your teammate. 

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